Hanuman is the monkey deity renowned for his courage, power and faithful, selfless service. The Life of Hanuman is related below


Hanuman Dhayana Slokas
Manojavam Maaruta Tulya Vegam Jitendriyam Buddhimataam VarishtamVaataatmajam


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Ever since 1981, every year the Sri Ramanavami festival is celebrated at this temple starting with the parayanam of Srimath Valmeeki Ramayanam by renowned samskrit scholars from early morning. Especially the Puthrakameshti yaga, payasaprathanam and Sri Rama jananan sargas are recited from the Moola Grantham. Thereafter the Payasa as Prasadam is being distributed to the couples who wish and waiting for Santhana Baghyam with their Sankalpam and chanting of Mukundamalali slokas. Every year, such couples in considerable numbers are blessed with children. This is fact, which is capable of verification from the benefited lot.

By the grace of Lord Sri Anjaneya with the donations accrued a RCC mandapam and a sannadhi was constructed in the year 1985 in the place of the light roofed thatched shed. According to the wish and prayers of the Lord Sri Ramaanajaneyar, moolavars and uthsavamoorthys of Lord Sri Ramar, Sri Seetha piratti, Sri Lakshmana and Sri Anjaneya was constructed and consecrated in 1995 facing east while the Sri Ramaanjaneya was facing north. The mahasmaprokshanam was performed by Sri U.ve.Annadhur Rajagopalachariar swamy of Mathurantakam Kodhandaraman sannadhi. Subsequently the sannadhi is further adorned by installation of Sri Andal nachiar, Sri Sudarsana Azhwar with yoga Narasimhar, Sri Santhana Krishnan in aadhiseshan and Asmath acharya Shri sarvathantra swathantra Nikamandha Maha Desikan.


The Utsava moorthis, of Sri Rama, Sri Seetha and Sri Anjaneya idols in “Panchaloka” were ordered by a benevolent philanthropist of Kumbakonam at Swamimalai for making..

A miracle occurred while placing an order for “Pauchaluka idols”, the Samajam felt that there need not be “an Anjaneya” idol along with Utsava moorthis as Sri “RamaAnjaneya” existed already. To the surprise of the Samajam memebers, the sthapathi who agreed to sculpt Utsava moorthis alone and procured metals therefore, came running to Pozhichalur to inform the Samajam members, that a black coloured Brahmin with limping leg, adorning Sri choorinam in his forehead, came to his office at Swamimalai and ordered for sculpting of an Anjaneya idol along with Utsava moorthis.

Though none of the samajam members or the benevolent donor at Kumbakonam has sent any body much less in the description as seen and reported as such by that Stapathi, they said to sculpt Anjaneyar Utsavar also. The Sthapathi after completion reported that he purchased metals for 3 Utsava moorthis, Sri Rama, Sri Seetha and Sri Lakshman only but with the same quantity he could make the Anjaneyar Vighraham also.

This was an unbelievable experience for the Stapathi. Samajam members then realized that the Brahmin who visited Swamimalai in that description was none but the great Anjaneya Himself. The Moolavar graced to occupy the sannidhi originally, has a limping leg as sculptured.

Installation of Moolavars, Sri Rama, Sri Seetha & Sri Lakshmanan

Quite surprisingly and without any attempt on the part of samajam members a voluntary offer came from one Shri Kodiyalam Varadhan of Nungambakkam, a Rtd Director of Collegiate Education, for installation of moolavars. This also is the fulfillment of Sri Rama Anjaneya’s (original) desire & wish. Accordingly orders were placed at Mahabalipuram by Shri Varadhan & his family. On receipt of the moolavars, it was found that “Seetha” was sculptered in Kalyana Kolam.

The learned Pundit Sri Mathuranthakam Rajagopalachariar and other Vedic scholars who assembled for the installation opined that it is the desire and earnest wish of lord RamaAnajaneya to see Rama and his consort in that manner/ posture. Therefore, the name for the moolavar was christened as “Sri Seetha, Lakshmana, Hanumath Sametha, Kalyana Ramar”. And according to the Ramayana epic Sri Anjaneya had no opportunity to have the darshan of Sri Rama in the Kalyana kolam and at Pozhichalur he had fulfilled the wish.

Kodiyalam Sri.U.Ve.Varadan was a staunch Sri Rama Baktha. He retired as director of Collegiate Education .Tamilnadu Government. He has served as a Professor and Principal in various Colleges. He used to have the Valmeeki Ramayana parayanam everyday and had his breakfast only after the prayers. As his followers we used to have his presence here at Pozhichalur only twice or thrice yearly, particularly on the Sri Ramanavami days and prathishda dhinam. On those two days during his stay at Polichalur for the whole of the day he will not take any food, not even water and have a full fasting . .This gentle man was diagnosed lung cancer in April, 2005 and was advised medical observation immediately. Fully knowing the agony of the decease Sri Varadan simply told the doctors and his family that he will get admitted to the hospital only after the Sri Ramanavami festival and did so. He observed his daylong fast on that day too. On the next day he got admitted to the hospital and was treated. The pradhista dhinam as well as the Sri Ramanavami were celeberated during Sept 2005 and April 2006 respectively. Shri Varadan with much difficulty attended the functions against the advice of the family and stayed in the temple closing his eyes and chanting “Rama Rama”. Later on he was bedridden with no mobility and his movements were confined in a small room. Lastly he was unable to move his body and had severe pain .On 27.05.2006 a day before his last breath he was telling to his family that he will be departing from the material world within some hours and waiting for the person to come. The family members were of the opinion that Sri. Varadan was thinking of his departed parents .But to their surprise at the early hours of 28th May 2006, when they assembled at his room they saw Sri Varadan in a standing posture raising both his hands above the heads and praying Sri Rama…Sri Rama and left for the heavenly lotus feet of his beloved Lord leaving his mortal body dead. You know that our custom is to. Standup and receive the guest .He, in spite of his pain and immobility stood up with his sensitive organs clear, received his Lord and left with him. My dear Bakthas this is not a story of Baktha Vijayam that took place thousands of years ago, but a thing that had happened before the eyes of a learned family members on the 28th May, 2006 at No.14/ 5th Cross St..Dr.Thirumoorthy Nagar ,Nungambakkam Chennai. So the cause and effect theory was proved again and again. Let all our causes go the service of Sri Rama.


Till 16th March 2006 the people of Polichalur numbering around 25000 comprising 5000 families does not know the politics, Power of authority, Power of muscles, power of the so called democratic Government can simply take away their basic right of living by just issuing a Government order without their knowledge or consent. On 16.3.2006 the Chennai edition of all the newspapers published a flash news that the modernization and expansion of Chennai Airport expansion plan is to be implemented at the expense of the people living in five villages around the Chennai airport giving away their life time savings etc according to a G.O issued by the Govt of Tamilnadu in Dec,2005.Imagine the spade work done by the Govt without giving any doubt or leak of information for throwing away the democratic norms by giving away 4521 ,12 schools, and Govt buildings , 5 industrial houses,11 temples ,2 churches and overhead water tanks etc to a Govt/non Govt undertaking at free of cost. The News was brought to the people only through Polichalur hanuman baktha’s who are social activists. The onslaught of the Govt on its people was very calculative, determined and destructive. But the bakthas felt the move was unwarranted, unjustified and anti poor etc .The majority of the affected people were of Polichalur who believed that their Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman are the saviors of the poor and helpless. The hanuman bakthas took the fire in hand to destroy the injustice through the news and visual media. But the adamant Govt was step burn and told that the plan was for the benefit of the country. But the bakthas felt that the plan was to benefit only a few greedy and wealthy people. The fight went on without any loss of life, blood and without any lathy charge or arrests, but with lots of prayers to the lord and spl homams. During December, 2006 the Govt said that the plan may be implemented with minimum damage but the damage is inevitable. But a hanuman baktha who held a post of good authority in the Govt assured that not even a single house in Polichalur village will be affected because the people at Polichalur are fighting against evil and will win the fight. The assurance was taken as a boon from the Lord by the hanuman bakthas and thanks giving ceremonial functions and homams were conducted for the Lord Rama on 31st Dec, 2006.But the Govt was keeping quiet and made no announcements about their plan. The Bakthas and the people became restless. They were chanting the Vishnu sahasranama at all times. We wish to refer the Hindu mythology which says that the God is Bakthavatsalan and he will come to their rescue even by changing the natural phenomena like that of Lord Krishna saving Arjuna by covering the sun by his chakra and Devi Abirami of Thirukkadayur saving the Battar by making a full moon. Here He made the effect like Padmasura and made a change of mind within a family, furious clash of emotions, clash of egos to save the people of Polichalur The mighty Govt announces on 21st June,2007 that the proposal of the plan affecting 60000 people is being dropped and the GO of 31st Dec,2005 stands cancelled. It is not known what made the things to clash, break and withdrew the GO of Dec, 2005 and unite after a gap but we the Bakthas of Lord Hanuman know and believe that it was the super power of our Hanuman made the things to break for a while and unite. Those who wish to have a glimpse of the bloodless war may visit: Save Pozhichalur blogspot.com and send their views to: srasschn@gmail.com